Gomaco GP3 Slipform Paver Leeboy Asphalt Paver 8616D Leeboy Asphalt Paver 5300 Leeboy Asphalt Paver 8510E
Gomaco GP3 Slipform Paver
Leeboy Asphalt Paver 8616D
Leeboy Asphalt Paver 5300
Leeboy Asphalt Paver 8510E
GP3 Slipform PaverAsphalt Paver 8616DAsphalt Paver 5300Asphalt Paver 8510E

The GP3 slipform paver is designed for easy transport. A retractable, sliding console reduces the shipping width of the machine. The paver can be switched to the transport mode by simply driving the legs around to the transport position. After the legs are in the transport position, G+ travel is switched to 'Transport' for complete control. The operator can take this paver to the transport mode in minutes without assistance.

The 8616D Asphalt Paver encompasses many features of a larger highway-class paver yet maintains a sleek footprint to better suit the commercial contractor looking for a heavier unit. Highly adaptable for heavy commercial jobs, the flexible spontaneous design gives the operator the ability to switch the unit from high deck to low deck in the matter of minutes. There’s nothing left to desire as this unit provides greater serviceability with easy to locate components, consistent material flow and the Legend HD PRO Screed for higher production yields.


Serving as a staple among commercial paving contractors, the LeeBoy 8510E delivers precise asphalt placement resulting in a flawless mat. Comprised of robust components for longer wear, this asphalt paving solution is perfect for contractors seeking a lower cost per ton. Embracing a large material receiving hopper and one of the widest conveyor system on the market, this paver is meant to deliver the utmost productivity between truckloads. If you desire an all-around commercial paving machine that delivers unmatched results, the 8510E is for you.

Paving Width
Up to 30 ft - - -
Fuel Capacity
- 37 gallons - 19 gallons
- 16' 4" - 13'5"
Washdown Tank Capacity
- 7 gallons - 7 gallons
Hydraulic Capacity
- 31 gallons - 67 gallons
- 6’ 8” low deck / 7’ 10” high deck - 8’
- 8’ 6” transport - 8’ 6” transport
DEF Tank Capacity
- 5 gallons - -
  • Designed for easy transport
  • Smart width provides easy, accurate width change setup and also a reference for G+ to control proper steering and track speeds while turning a radius at varying widths of the paver
  • Smart leg pivoting and smart track rotation now lets the G+ system automatically control the direction and speed of each individual track as it travels through a radius
  • Tier 4 Final – 127 HP (95 kW)
  • Paving Widths Variable Up To 15’ 6”
  • Weight (with screed): 23,450 lbs
  • Paving Widths Variable Up To 7’ (2.13 m)
  • Tier 4 Final – 64.4 hp (48 kw) @ 2,400 rpm
  • Weight (with screed): 12,700 lbs. (5,760 kg)
  • Tier 4 Final - 74 HP (55.4 kW) @ 2,200 rpm
  • Weight (with screed): 17,720 lbs.
  • Paving Widths Variable Up To 15'
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