Carlson CP100 Commercial Paver Gomaco GP4 Slipform Paver Gomaco GP-2600 Slipform Paver Leeboy Asphalt Paver 8616D
Carlson CP100 Commercial Paver
Gomaco GP4 Slipform Paver
Gomaco GP-2600 Slipform Paver
Leeboy Asphalt Paver 8616D
CP100 Commercial PaverGP4 Slipform PaverGP-2600 Slipform PaverAsphalt Paver 8616D

The Carlson CP100 is the industry leading commercial-class paver, giving contractors a platform unmatched in quality, performance and longevity. Utilizing heavy-duty, fully replaceable highway-class wear components, an intuitive, contractor focused platform and the leading electrically heated screed, the CP100 delivers big results in a small paver.

From small to large-scale commercial paving projects, the CP100 meets and exceeds the demands of contractors by delivering best-in-class performance and exceptional mat quality. The platform versatility, along with its low profile, enables the paver to be utilized in size restrictive areas, such as parking garages, while having the performance and contractor-focus for sizeable parking lot and municipal applications.

The new GOMACO GP4 is designed for paving up to 40 feet (12.19 m) wide and to accommodate multiple width changes.

Designed To Meet Worldwide Demands\

The job-proven GOMACO GP-2600 is preferred by contractors throughout the world. All of the features that have made the GP-2600 the number one mid-range paver in universal paving markets are still standard. The GP-2600 has even more outstanding features that provide today's contractor with the ultimate paving machine of the future.

GOMACO provides the highest standard of quality in the industry with skilled personnel producing state-of-the-art machines. The GP-2600 mid-range paver is built with durability for construction job-site conditions. Quality control from GOMACO engineering through manufacturing provides low-maintenance equipment with superior paving performance. Safety standards are a priority in equipment designs.

The engineering teams have designed the GP-2600 for maximum versatility with proven rideability results. GOMACO has provided quality, versatility, proven performance, and dedication to customer satisfaction for over 50 years and will continue to meet the challenges of today and into the future.

The GP-2600 slipform paver is designed to meet the worldwide demands in new and reconstruction of highways, streets, parking lots, and airport pavements. This slipform paver is available with two or four tracks to meet varying applications and contractor preference.

The 8616D Asphalt Paver encompasses many features of a larger highway-class paver yet maintains a sleek footprint to better suit the commercial contractor looking for a heavier unit. Highly adaptable for heavy commercial jobs, the flexible spontaneous design gives the operator the ability to switch the unit from high deck to low deck in the matter of minutes. There’s nothing left to desire as this unit provides greater serviceability with easy to locate components, consistent material flow and the Legend HD PRO Screed for higher production yields.

Paving Width
- Up to 40 ft Up to 18 ft / Up to 32 ft w/ additional frame inserts -
Fuel Capacity
- - - 37 gallons
- - - 16' 4"
Washdown Tank Capacity
- - - 7 gallons
Hydraulic Capacity
- - - 31 gallons
- - - 6’ 8” low deck / 7’ 10” high deck
- - - 8’ 6” transport
- - 275 horsepower (205.2 kW) Caterpillar, emission-controlled diesel engine -
DEF Tank Capacity
- - - 5 gallons
  • Power and Access Delivered
  • Built To A Higher Standard
  • Maximizing Operator Comfort
  • Heavy Duty Material Feed
  • Customize to Fit Any Need
  • Isolated operator’s platform for operator comfort
  • G+ ConnectTM for smart accessories and all guidance systems
  • GOMACO roller frame and smart dual-telescoping capabilities
  • G+ quiet running technology
  • Extreme Steering capabilities with hydraulic track rotation, GOMACO selective steer, and G+ controls
  • Load-sensed hydraulics for maximum performance and optimized for fuel efficiency
  • The cooling capacity provides a low hydraulic oil temperature, which results in longer life of parts and reduced operating costs
  • The engine package design provides the operator with one of the quietest operations available
  • Fiberglass shroud lifts for easy access to the engine and service points
  • Ease of operation and service
  • “Smart” steer cylinders provide push-button steering control setup and easy operation on the four-track machine
  • Tier 4 Final – 127 HP (95 kW)
  • Paving Widths Variable Up To 15’ 6”
  • Weight (with screed): 23,450 lbs
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