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Avant 200 Series
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200 SeriesVibrating PlateJib BoomSquare Bale Grab

200 Series


The versatile machine for do-it-yourself jobs

The starting point with the design of Avant 200 series was to develop a compact multi purpose work machine for homeowners, vacation houses and smaller farms.

  • In garden you can make the flower beds, new lawns and ponds with Avant. It is also an ideal tool for lawn mowing and other maintenance jobs.
  • In landscaping jobs like building of yards Avant 200 series is a great helper: earthmoving and levelling happens very quickly and easily with the Avant.
  • Avant is a very efficient snow removal machine in winter, and you can also do salt and sand spreading with it.

Councils, local authorities and churchyards

Many landscaping contractors, councils, local authorities and churchyards already have an Avant 200 series machine working in their parks and yards. The compact dimensions, easy operation, versatility and low costs are features valued by customers.

Forest work

Thanks to its excellent all terrain capabilities Avant 200 series works in forest as well. Four wheel drive and small turning radius are of great help there. Avant has developed attachments destined for forest work, like timber trailer, hydraulic winch, log processor and log splitter.

Ready for work

Avant 200 series is equipped, as standard, with a lift arm, powerful auxiliary hydraulics with oil cooler, hydraulic power steering, trailer coupling, work lights, safety frame with tinted plexiglass canopy etc. Everything you need is there, you can start to work right away.

Easy to drive

Driving and working with Avant 200 series is very easy and logical: there are two pedals for selecting the driving direction and speed, hand throttle and steering wheel. This makes driving safe and quick to learn.

Vibrating plate is destined for earth compacting and is easy to attach to an Avant. Compacting is easy and safe with the vibrating plate connected to Avant’s quick attach plate – the operator is not exposed to vibrations or excessive noise.


Weight 330 lb
Plate size 11.2 x 19.7 in
Impact force 1985 lb
Impact rate 2000 bpm
Product no A21012

Avant jib boom is a simple and ingenious attachment: lifting and moving heavier loads in tight situations are no longer a problem when you have this jib boom on your Avant.

The maximum lifting height is 13’ (height of the lifting hook).

  • Economical attachment, suitable for many different lifting jobs
  • Connecting points on the boom increase lifting safety


Lift hooks Length Weight Product no
2 pcs 47.2 in 66 lb A32395

Square bale grab is destined for handling of wrapped silage bales, hay bales and other square bales without damaging the plastic wrapping or net.


Weight 308 lb
Max. bale weight 2205 lb
Bale diameter 31.5 - 47.3 inch
Product no A410798
  • Auxiliary hydraulics
  • Comprehensive attachments range
  • Lift arm
  • Durability and safety
  • Correct basic construction
  • Steering
  • Passive safety
  • Hydrostatic four wheel drive
  • Compatibility
  • Efficiency
  • Active safety
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