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Avant 200 Series
Avant Compressor
Avant Round Bale Splitter
Avant Dozer Blade 2000 And 2500
200 SeriesCompressorRound Bale SplitterDozer Blade 2000 And 2500

200 Series


The versatile machine for do-it-yourself jobs

The starting point with the design of Avant 200 series was to develop a compact multi purpose work machine for homeowners, vacation houses and smaller farms.

  • In garden you can make the flower beds, new lawns and ponds with Avant. It is also an ideal tool for lawn mowing and other maintenance jobs.
  • In landscaping jobs like building of yards Avant 200 series is a great helper: earthmoving and levelling happens very quickly and easily with the Avant.
  • Avant is a very efficient snow removal machine in winter, and you can also do salt and sand spreading with it.

Councils, local authorities and churchyards

Many landscaping contractors, councils, local authorities and churchyards already have an Avant 200 series machine working in their parks and yards. The compact dimensions, easy operation, versatility and low costs are features valued by customers.

Forest work

Thanks to its excellent all terrain capabilities Avant 200 series works in forest as well. Four wheel drive and small turning radius are of great help there. Avant has developed attachments destined for forest work, like timber trailer, hydraulic winch, log processor and log splitter.

Ready for work

Avant 200 series is equipped, as standard, with a lift arm, powerful auxiliary hydraulics with oil cooler, hydraulic power steering, trailer coupling, work lights, safety frame with tinted plexiglass canopy etc. Everything you need is there, you can start to work right away.

Easy to drive

Driving and working with Avant 200 series is very easy and logical: there are two pedals for selecting the driving direction and speed, hand throttle and steering wheel. This makes driving safe and quick to learn.

Makes it possible to have compressed air anywhere you go. Creates maximum 105 gal/min at 115 PSI pressure. Can be used for running power tools and in circumstances where electricity is not available.

Mount Product no
Front A35409
Rear* A35456

* Rear mounting set is included, requires double acting rear auxiliary hydraulics from the loader

Avant round bale splitter splits also frozen bales which are otherwise hard to handle. Splitting is fast and efficient thanks to the form of the cutting blade and the strong hydraulic cylinder. The bale can also be transported with the splitter. Wide and open design allows splitting of different size bales.

  • Easier and more efficient bale handling
  • Splits also frozen bales
  • The bale can be transported with the splitter


Splitting force 48,500 lb
Tines 2 pc long, 2 pc short
Cutting blade length 78.2 in
Total length 80.7 in
Width 49.2 in
Height with blade up 86.6 in
Height with blade down 38.5 in
Weight 672 lb
Product no A36199

Equipped with hydraulic blade slewing, Avant dozer blade is the ideal tool for snow removal, earthmoving and similar jobs where the materials must be dozed away quickly.

Dozer blades 2000 and 2500 feature a completely new design. The blade is higher and more curved than earlier and moves material more efficiently to the side. Hydraulic slewing, spring release and skid shoes are standard equipment like before. So are the turnable 2 x 12.2 in extensions which can be mounted in straight or collecting position.

The completely new floating system allows the blade to float vertically, which makes working on uneven surfaces considerably easier and more efficient. The blade can also float sideways ± 10°.

The floating system can be adjusted manually in three different positions:
1) Free floating – both vertically and sideways
2) Sideways floating ± 10° only, without vertical floating
3) Rigid position – both vertical and sideways floating locked with bolts

  • Two solid skid shoes which reduce blade wear and improve maneuverability
  • Robust construction and higher blade than on 1400 dozer blade, for more efficient dozing
  • Recommended for professional snow removal on larger areas
  • Turnable 2 x 12.2 in extensions as standard, can be mounted in collection position or straight
  • Advanced blade floating system makes work easier on uneven surfaces
  • Support wheels, instead of skid shoes, available as an option – keep working height more constant when working on sensitive surfaces


Model 2000 2500
Blade width 54.7 in main 72.4 in main
- blade + blade +
- 2x12.2 in bolt-on 2x12.2 in bolt-on
- extensions extensions
Slewing angle +/- 30 degrees +/- 30 degrees
Weight 474 lb 511 lb
Blade height 23.2 in 23.2 in
Product no A36123 A36251

Options, dozer blade 2000:
A417437 Ice cutting edges, kit, for main blade and extensions
A417441 Rubber edges, kit, for main blade and extensions
A417345 Support wheels, 2 pcs

Options, dozer blade 2500:
A417729 Ice cutting edges, kit, for main blade and extensions
A417672 Rubber edges, kit, for main blade and extensions
A417345 Support wheels, 2 pcs

  • Efficiency
  • Compatibility
  • Active safety
  • Auxiliary hydraulics
  • Steering
  • Durability and safety
  • Hydrostatic four wheel drive
  • Comprehensive attachments range
  • Correct basic construction
  • Lift arm
  • Passive safety
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