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Grabbing tool is mainly intended for lifting and handling of round objects. It is especially suited for lifting of barrels and plant and tree pots. Grabbing force can be adjusted, which means all kinds of objects can be handled without damaging them. Grabbing tool is equipped with two smaller, rubber padded grabs which allow handling of smaller and more fragile objects as well. When the grab is opened completely it can take larger objects like barrels, bigger plant pots etc.

  • Easiest way to lift and transport plants, trees, barrels etc. without damaging them

  • Excellent tool for nurseries and landscapers


Min. grab diameter 10 in
Max. grab diameter 47 in
Max. load 1430 lb
Weight 210 lb
Product no A34290


A421030 Conical grabbers 2 pcs

A421031 Barrel grabbers 2 pcs

A professional hydraulic stone burier for preparation of lawn beds. The stone burier mills the soil, buries eventual stones and other objects up to 150 mm depth in a single pass, making a milled and tamped topsoil. Working depth is steplessly adjustable with the rear field roller. With the optional seeding unit you are able to make a ready lawn surface on one pass.

Stone buriers are most commonly used when the topsoil needs to be milled thoroughly. The soil is milled more thoroughly and deeper than with a rotary harrow.

1130 mm seeding unit for grass seeds A21011
1300 mm seeding unit for grass seeds A21238
1500 mm seeding unit for grass seeds A410304

  • Professional, efficient stone burier
  • Top grade finish with just one pass
  • Can be equipped with seeding unit è ready lawn surface in a single pass

Avant snow blower is an efficient attachment for snow removal from sidewalks, foot paths, road and similar places where the snow must be spread out evenly. The two-stage design of the Avant heavy duty snow blower makes it a very efficient snow removal tool - also with wet and heavy snow. First the auger breaks up the snow and moves it into the fan which then throws the snow out through the discharge chute.

Discharge chute can be rotated 270°, operated from the driver’s seat. Throwing height can be adjusted manually.

Sivuharja A34683
The optional attachment control switch pack is recommended on the loader. If the snow blower is equipped with the electric throwing height adjustment, must be mounted. A34700

  • Efficient two-stage snow blowers, also for professional use
  • Two working widths, suitable for all articulated model series

Avant finger bar mower is destined for mowing long hay on fields, meadows and road banks. It is equipped with two moving sickle bars. This type of mower does not mulch the hay and thus it can be used as horse feed etc.

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