Triple E Equipment Green Machine E210 Triple E Equipment Sherpa EHD Triple E Equipment Sherpa 100ECO Triple E Equipment Sherpa Hydraulic Hammer Attachment
Triple E Equipment Green Machine E210
Triple E Equipment Sherpa EHD
Triple E Equipment Sherpa 100ECO
Triple E Equipment Sherpa Hydraulic Hammer Attachment
Triple E EquipmentTriple E EquipmentTriple E EquipmentTriple E Equipment
Green Machine E210Sherpa EHDSherpa 100ECOSherpa Hydraulic Hammer Attachment

The Green Machine e210 Electric Mini Excavator is the first machine in the world to match the performance metrics of a diesel-powered unit - with a lithium-ion battery. It is 100% cleaner than diesel, 90% less expensive to operate, 50% quieter, and has zero emissions. With a battery rated for 2,000 charge cycles, there's no downside to an Electric Mini Excavator from Triple E Equipment.

The SHERPA 100EHD is a one of a kind, remote-controlled compact mini loader that combines safe working conditions, ease of operation and the high quality that you have come to expect from Sherpa Mini Loaders. At only 30 inches wide, this 100% electrically powered mini loader is perfect to prevent unsafe working conditions for your employees. When safety is not an issue, the remote control can be clicked onto the unit for manual operation.

The environmentally friendly and compact SHERPA 100 ECO can now do the physically demanding indoor work that you used to do manually. This electric mini skid steer is just as powerful as the model with the combustion engine and is particularly suitable for indoor demolition work and work in stables. The 76-cm wide mini compact loader is powered by a surprisingly strong 2-HP front-mounted electric motor. Pressing the accelerator quickly builds up the pressure in the system. The space that normally contains the combustion engine now stores a 360-Ampere battery pack that powers the mini skid-steer for up to 8 hours.

The Sherpa Hydraulic Hammer Attachment makes your Sherpa Mini Skid Steer a powerful tool for demolition and construction applications. Like all Triple E Equipment products, it meets the highest standards of usability and adaptability.

Breakout force (Tractive)
- 1,851 lbs. - -
Battery type
- Traction Traction battery -
Unit weight
- 1,985 lbs. - -
Transport Length
9' 8.3" - - -
Max Dig Depth
5’ 9.1” - - -
Impact Energy
- - - 450 foot pounds
Battery capacity
- 360 Ah 360 Ah -
Drive system
- Hydraulic through 2 hydraulic wheel motors Hydraulic through 2 hydraulic wheel motors -
Tractice force
- - 1,230 lbs. -
Dozer Blade Width (extended)
40.2" - - -
Engine type
- DC Motor (brushless) DC Motor (brushless) -
Force (Hydraulic drive)
- 1,322 lbs. - -
Tail Swing Radius
2’ 0” - - -
Max Dump Height
6’ 11.5” - - -
Min Front Swing Radius (80 degree boom swing)
4’ 4” - - -
Max Reach
10' 9.4" - - -
Breakout force
- - 1,851 lbs. -
Tank capacity
- 7.5 gal - -
System pressure
- 2,755 psi - -
7' 2.6" - - -
Battery voltage
- 24V 24V -
Operating Weight
2,370 lbs - - -
  • Front mounted LED work light
  • Quick change control pattern selector valve
  • Charges from empty to full in under 2 hours (220V/50A outlet)
  • Operates and charges at temperatures down to -20 C (-4 F)
  • Low and high range travel speeds
  • Recharges from a standard 220V/50A or 110V/20A outlet
  • TOPS/ROPS 2-post foldable frame
  • Two-way auxiliary hydraulics
  • Push button control of auxiliary hydraulics
  • Remote-controlled, with manual operation option
  • Optimum balance of speed and power
  • Compact turning radius, low tire pressure, and narrow body for easy operation anywhere
  • 8-hour charge
  • Quiet operation
  • Fume-free
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