Avant Collecting Broom 1500 Avant Snow Blower Avant Stone Installation Clamp Avant Horse Arena Harrow
Avant Collecting Broom 1500
Avant Snow Blower
Avant Stone Installation Clamp
Avant Horse Arena Harrow
Collecting Broom 1500Snow BlowerStone Installation ClampHorse Arena Harrow

A totally new collecting brush for professional property management  customers, cities and municipalities. The new brush has a heavy duty construction, floating brush axle, automatic brush wear compensation and a specially designed water spraying system for dust binding.

The new construction is also well enclosed all around the main brush. This offers a better collection result, especially when turning. Another benefit from the enclosed construction is less dust formation.


Model 1500
Broom width 59.0 in
Total width 70.0 in
Boom diameter 21.7 in
Box emptying Hydraulic (with two cylinders)
Box volume 7.1 cu ft
Water tank volume 40 gal
Weight without side brush 935 lb (without water spraying system)
Weight with 1 side brush 990 lb
Weight with 2 side brush 1050 lb
Product no Side brush Water spraying system
A35602 no no
A35918 1 brush no
A35919 1 brush yes


Product Product no
Side brush A35698
Water spraying system A35642

The optional attachment control switch pack is recommended on the loader.

Avant snow blower is an efficient snow removal tool with advanced technology. The frame and discharge chute are designed so that there are as little as possible passive surfaces which would prevent snow movement. This open design means efficient snow blowing – the feeding auger eats the snow quickly and easily and moves it to the impeller which throws the snow out through the discharge chute. Thanks to this design the blower works well both with dry and wet snow and clears compacted snow banks also. The feeding auger is made of wear-resistant Hardox steel.

The blower is equipped with two hydraulic motors: one for the auger and one for the discharge impeller. The new type hydraulic motor on the impeller improves the efficiency of the blower considerably. Snow discharge can be directed accurately: the discharge chute can be rotated 270° electrically, operated from the driver’s seat. Throwing height can be adjusted manually, electric throwing height adjustment is available as an option and requires the optional attachment control switch pack on the loader.

Two working widths available: 42.3 in and 59.1 in.

  • Efficient high volume snow blower
  • Works well both with dry and wet snow
  • Equipped with two hydraulic motors: one for the auger and one for the discharge impeller
  • Electric 270° discharge chute rotation as standard
  • Exact snow discharge
  • Manual throwing height adjustment as standard, electric adjustment available as an option

technical information

Model 42.3 59.1
Working width 42.3 in 59.1 in
Total width 48.4 in 62.2 in
Frame height 26.8 in 26.8 in
Auger diameter 18.1 in 18.1 in
Chute rotation 270° 270°
Weight 530 lb 655 lb
Product no. A434731 A428062


Option Product no.
Electric throwing height adjustment A430172

The optional attachment control switch pack is recommended on the loader. If the snow blower is equipped with the electric throwing height adjustment, the switch pack must be mounted.

With the hydraulic installation clamp you can lay paving stones quickly and efficiently. The installation clamp takes a whole layer of paving stones directly from a pallet, which can then be lifted on to the area to be paved.

The hydraulic installation clamp is equipped with:

  • adjustable side grippers for the exact shaping of the installation pattern.
  • hydraulic rotation
  • ADV pushing off device. The ADV presses the blocks into the laying course automatically once the clamp is opened – this way the cocking of the blocks can be avoided and a lot of time is saved, because one doesn’t have to reposition the blocks by hand. Avant jib boom (A32395) is also required, for lifting and handling of the clamp.
  • For professional and fast stone laying
  • Minimizes hand labour and intensive manual lifting

The horse arena harrow is intended for levelling and loosening of horse arena riding surfaces. The harrow has two spring loaded tine rows which loosen the surface, a leveller that makes the surface completely even and a tilling roller that compacts the ground and leaves a finished surface perfectly suited for horse’s hoof. The harrow doesn’t damage the lower levels (understructure) of the riding surface.

The horse arena harrow features:

  • A clearing shovel which will level the sides of the riding arena
  • A tilling roller that will smoothen the harrowed ground leaving a great looking finish
  • A large wheel that protects the walls of the riding arena in case the harrow hits the wall
  • New model: no hydraulics required
  • A professional harrow that makes it easy to keep the horse arena in top condition
  • Can be adjusted for several kinds of riding surfaces.
  • Once the adjustments have been done the harrow is very easy to use
  • Support wheels available as an option: the harrow can be lifted off the ground and towed to desired place


Working width 53.2 in
Weight (without 64 lb extra 365 lb
Product no A21646


- Manually operated support wheels in the rear. Make it possible to tow the harrow away from the arena to desired place. Product no. A36593

- Weights with handle, 64 lbs, which can be mounted on the harrow to increase weight and make harrowing more efficient. With two weights the harrow works on almost any surface. The weight is the same extra weight as on Avant loader. Product no. A35957

- NEW: Water spraying system for horse arena harrow, with 31.7 gal tank. Product no. A37065.

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