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Avant Bale Handler
Avant Collecting Lawn Mower 1500
Avant Lawn Mower 1200
Avant Log Splitter
Bale HandlerCollecting Lawn Mower 1500Lawn Mower 1200Log Splitter

Bale handler is an economical way to handle wrapped bales, without damaging the plastic wrapping. Distance between the forks can be adjusted manually. Bale handler is a good choice if the bales can always be handled sideways and don't need to be grabbed. This also means that the bale handler isn't as versatile as a bale grab.

  • A low budget alternative moving bales
  • Easy to use


Minimum width 41 in
Weight 183 lb
Product no A36262

Collecting mower designed for professional use with 59 inch cutting width and 28 cu ft collector box. The high suction power makes it also possible to collect tree leaves on lawns. The blades cut the grass, tree leaves etc. to a fine mulch which packs tightly into the collector box.

Collector box volume is designed to be large enough for professional use also in larger areas. The box is emptied from Avant’s driver seat with an electric switch and with the help of Avant’s boom the collector can be emptied into a container, skip etc.

  • Equipped with Optifloat™–system
  • More cutting power for challenging mowing conditions
  • Vacuum fan can be turned off and mower can be used as side discharging type
  • Rounded edges to minimize damage to trees, buildings etc. in case of contact


Cutting width 59 in
Height 43.3 in
Blades 3 pcs
Cutting height 1 - 4 in
Collector box volume 28 cu ft
Product no A34495


The optional attachment control switch pack A36878 is recommended on the loader.

The new lawn mower 1200 is a robust and efficient mower deck. It is equipped with the OptifloatTM floating system, developed by Avant, which guarantees optimal touch with the ground also on uneven lawns. The mower is also equipped with a safety valve which stops the blades when the mower is lifted off the ground. The deck of the new model is made of stamped steel. This makes mowing more efficient and the grass clippings don’t get stuck on the deck so easily.

The mower is mulching type as standard. Side discharge kit is available as an option.

  • OptifloatTM floating system guarantees easy operation and good mowing result also on uneven lawns
  • Safety valve stops the blades when the mower is lifted off the ground
  • Thanks to stamped steel deck mowing is more efficient and the deck stays cleaner


Cutting width 47.2 inches
Blades 2 pcs
Cutting height 1.0-4.0 inches
Weight 375 lbs
Product no A35965

Option: Side discharge kit A36013

Avant log splitter is the right attachment when you have cut logs and need to make firewood quickly and easily. It is equipped with two handed operation for increased safety: there are two control levers which have to be activated with both hands before the splitting cylinder will push the log against the splitting blade. The splitters have two speeds: with lower speed splitting force is higher.

Height of the blade is easily adjustable, allowing splitting either into two or into four pieces. The splitter has automatic reverse and cylinder stroke can be adjusted with a limit switch. Transportation is easy – the splitter mounts on the quick attachment plate of the loader.

  • Economical, powerful log splitter
  • Max. log diameter 400 mm
  • Two models: 1) for logs with max. 650 mm length and 2) for logs with max. 1000 mm length
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