Doosan* DL380-7 New Holland* L318 Skid Steer Hyundai* HL970A XT Doosan* DL580-7
Doosan* DL380-7
New Holland* L318 Skid Steer
Hyundai* HL970A XT
Doosan* DL580-7
Doosan*New Holland*Hyundai*Doosan*
DL380-7L318 Skid SteerHL970A XTDL580-7

The Doosan® DL380-7 packs more horsepower and 7% larger bucket capacity than previous models to make your work easier. Axle upgrades allow you to carry and lift larger bucket capacities, and the strengthened box frame is designed for better balance and improved lifting capacity. The high-lift option provides additional height for loading into high-sided trucks. The optional Load Isolation System improves stability when moving — for even higher productivity.

The DL380-7 includes a powershift 4-speed transmission, multiple power modes, Z-bar lift arm, return to dig and limited slip differentials. The improved cooling system features wider radiator fin spacing and a reversible fan to clear debris and reduce clogging.

Meet your challenges head-on with 300 Series skid steer loaders from New Holland. Whether you work in construction, municipal road maintenance, landscaping or farming, these loaders are designed to make your workday more productive and comfortable.


Hyundai HL900 series wheel loaders deliver maximum performance, productivity, and efficiency. An important feature of the new A-Series machines is the use of Cummins Performance Series engines that comply with the international Stage 5 emissions-control standard. Combined with the engineering and product design expertise of Hyundai, these engines will deliver substantial performance gains from a smaller, lighter power package. Customers will experience more than a 10-percent increase in power and a nearly 20-percent increase in torque compared to previous engines, all while using less fuel.

Add a long list of Hyundai innovations – including an accurate onboard weighing system, unique bucket design for better load retention, and free use of Hyundai’s Hi-Mate cellular-based remote management system for five years – and you’ll find the HL900 A series offers unbeatable value.

Equipped to handle the largest loads, the Doosan® DL580-7 wheel loader allows operators to efficiently fill a 24-ton capacity, over-the-road truck in just two passes. The larger load capacity reduces cycle times and makes this a perfect machine for heavy-duty jobs.

The DL580-7 also has an enhanced front work group that features a reinforced Z-bar, larger-profile arm and lift cylinder geometry that improves lifting capacity. This model is built for mining and aggregate work as well as heavy-duty construction jobsites.

Options include a quick coupler, additional larger counterweight and Load Isolation System (LIS) and a high-lift option.

The Doosan Smart Load weighing system measures the weight of material in the bucket.

Performance Specs - Breakout force, bucket cylinder, lbs (kN)
- 5550 (24.7) - -
- - Max- 39.0 km/h (24.2 mph) (4 speed) -
11' 6" - - 12' 7"
Dimensions - Dump reach (max height), in (mm)
- 30.8 (783) - -
Dimensions - Top of ROPS, in (mm)
- 77.7 (1974) - -
Dimensions - Wheelbase, in (mm)
- 44.4 (1128) - -
- - 3.6-4.2m³ (4.70- 5.5yd³) -
Hydraulic System - Pump flow, Standard Flow, gpm (Lpm)
- 20.6 (78) - -
Performance Specs - Operating weight, lbs (kg)
- 6230 (2832) - -
Engine - Displacement, in3 (L)
- 135 (2.2) - -
10' 9" - - 12' 1"
Dimensions - Overall width, in (mm)
- 66.1 (1678) - -
271 hp @ 1,800 rpm - - -
Dimensions - Angle of departure, degrees
- 23 - -
Engine - Fuel injection
- HPCR Direct - -
Dimensions - Rollback, bucket on ground, degrees
- 35 - -
Dimensions - Ground clearance (bottom of belly pan), in (mm)
- 7 (178) - -
Dimensions - Overall length without attachment with coupler, in (mm)
- 105.7 (2697) - -
Dimensions - Dump angle, degrees
- 52 - -
Engine - Horsepower per SAE J1349 Net hp (kW)
- 57 (42) @ 2800 rpm - -
Dimensions - Clearance circle without bucket, in (mm)
- 50.7 (1289) - -
Performance Specs - Tipping load, lbs (kg)
- 3600 (1633) - -
- - - 394 hp @ 1,800 rpm (SAE-J1995)
- - Cummins/ L9 -
9' 10" - - 11' 2"
44,919 lb - 25,000 kg (55,120 lb) 79,572 lb
Performance Specs - Breakout force, lift cylinder, lbs (kN)
- 2620 (11.7) - -
- - 322 HP (240 kW) at 2,100 rpm -
Engine - Bore/stroke, in (mm)
- Diesel 4-stroke, Turbo, D.I. - -
- - 167 kgf (875 lb·ft) (1,207 lb.ft) at 1,100 rpm -
4.84 yd³ - - 8.4 yd³
Engine - Air intake
- Turbocharged Aftercooled with external EGR - -
Hydraulic System - Relief pressure, psi (bar)
- 3046 (210) - -
- - 13,950 kg (30,755 lb) -
Engine - Manufacturer/model
- ISM / N4LDI-TA-45SL - -
- - ZBAR Extended Boom Linkage -
Dimensions - Bucket hinge pin, in (mm)
- 120 (3048) - -
Dimensions - Rollback, bucket at full height, degrees
- 88 - -
27° @ 51 % - - 30° @ 58 %
Engine - Peak torque, lb-ft (Nm)
- 135 (183) @ 1800 rpm - -
- - Max- 27.8 km/h (17.3 mph) (4 speed) -
Power Train - Travel speed, high range (optional), mph (km/h)
- 10.8 (17.4) - -
24° - - 20°
- - 3,570 mm (11 ft 9 in) -
- - 21,715 kg (47,875 lb) -
27' 10" - - 32' 11"
Engine - Horsepower per SAE J1349 Gross hp (kW)
- 60 (45) @ 2800 rpm - -
Hydraulic System - Optional high flow, gpm (Lpm)
- 30.7 (116.2) - -
Power Train - Travel speed, low range, mph (km/h)
- 7.4 (11.9) - -
Performance Specs - Rated operating load, 50% tip, lbs (kg)
- 1800 (818) - -
Dimensions - Bottom of level bucket, fully raised, in (mm)
- 113.3 (2877) - -
Dimensions - Clearance circle rear, in (mm)
- 62.9 (1599) - -
Dimensions - Rear axle to bumper, in (mm)
- 36.4 (924) - -
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Horsepower and Torque
  • Built for Operators
  • Built Tougher
  • Fuel Efficiency
  • Easy access, simplified service Long service intervals and easy access to maintenance points reduces downtime and lost revenue. All daily service points are grouped together and the rear door and hood make it easy to get to them without tools. The entire cab and boom assembly tilts forward for unrivaled access to components and easy cab cleanout.
  • Superior Super Boom® dump height and reach The patented Super Boom® vertical lift linkage delivers maximum reach at maximum height to allow you to place loads precisely in the center of high-sided truck boxes or hoppers.
  • Powerful performance, fast cycle times, smooth operation New Holland Tier 4 Final engines deliver powerful performance, use less fuel and are easy to maintain to decrease your operating costs. The reliable hydraulic system delivers fast cycle times. In-line hydraulic pumps produce less noise and provide extra-smooth operation. Add the optional high-flow hydraulics to run attachments hour after hour.
  • 8” LCD Multifunction Display makes operation easier The new, customizable eight-inch 8” LCD Multifunction Display with an integrated back-up camera gives you a quick, convenient look at engine settings and performance information, all while providing even greater visibility to the rear of the loader for better operating efficiency and safety.
  • Operator comfort and visibility that’s second to none The 300 Series cab is one of the widest in the industry, with more headroom, shoulder room to accommodate any operator. Visibility is still the best in the business, with an unobstructed view to the back, and a clear sightline to the loader bucket through huge glass door. A see-through area on the cab roof gives you a clear view to the bucket a full height.
  • Save time between jobsites The 300 Series dual-range transmission provides travel speeds in excess of 11 mph to save time on and between job sites. It is standard on the L320, L321, L328, and L334. New Holland’s long wheelbase gives you stability and smooth riding comfort. A new available creep mode (EH models only) gives you greater control for slow-speed operations like trenching.
  • Engine Air Filter: The HL900 series has a large-volume air cleaner, automatic dust ejector, and a three-stage turbo pre-cleaner (optional) to improve the replacement cycle and durability of replacement parts.
  • Fuel Efficiency Package: Using the Eco Gauge function, operators can monitor fuel consumption in real time or review historical data. Displayed values include engine torque, fuel efficiency, average and total fuel consumed. Hourly and daily fuel consumption also are viewable through the menu. A-Series models now include a new Eco Report feature, Smart Power mode that can adjust engine RPM in heavy load work, and ICCO (Intelligent Clutch Cut Off) to save fuel without compromising on performance.
  • On-board Auto Weighing System: All Hyundai loaders come standard-equipped with an integrated onboard auto weighing system, accurate to within plus or minus 1%. The system can be operated in auto mode, whereby weight is displayed when the bucket is lifted to a specific height range (-5 deg to 15 deg), and weight is logged when the boom is lowered below -5 deg. Operators can also manually weigh loads with the press of a button. The system can display current weight, store up to three total daily weights (A, B, and C), and previous total daily weight.
  • INTEGRATED REAR VIEW CAMERA: Hyundai's HL970A is standard equipped with a full color, integrated rear view camera, viewable through the monitor. This feature keeps the operator aware of objects and personnel behind the machine and significantly reduces the opportunity for accidents.
  • Cab Comfort: Cabs on the Hyundai HL900 series wheel loaders are all about operator comfort and control. They’re up to 10-percent larger than previous models, and offer additional floor space and improved visibility. In-cab sound levels are more than 2 dB lower, making this one of the quietest cabs in the industry. New cab comfort convenience features in the A-Series include: Foldable Side Mirror, Fully Adjustable Seat and Armrest, Air Compressor, Ride Control Enhanced, and Enhanced Weighing System, Remote Control Door (option) and Auto Greasing System (option.)
  • 7" Touchscreen Monitor: The 7 inch (177 mm) interactive touch-screen monitor on the HL900 series is large, easy to understand and visible during the day or night.
  • Cummins Performance Series Engine: Combined with the engineering and product design expertise of Hyundai, the Stage 5 Cummins Performance Series engines in the new A-Series machines will deliver substantial performance gains from a smaller, lighter power package. While Stage 5 guidelines do not apply in the USA, the Cummins Performance Series engines featured in A-Series also satisfy Tier 4 Final emissions control requirements. The Stage 5-compliant Cummins Performance Series engines integrate the newest after treatment system – the Single Module™ – with leading combustion and air-handling technology to be Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR)-free for simpler, reduced installation costs.
  • Tilt-Back Hood: The HL900 series has improved accessibility to the sealed engine room with a tilt-back hood to allow for easy cleaning and maintenance. The engine compartment was designed to prevent any possibility of fire due to contamination. The wide open access when the hood is open also enhances serviceability of the engine and cooling room. New serviceability features in the new A-Series include a Fully Openable Engine Hood.
  • Hi-Mate Remote Management System: Hi-Mate telematics system is provided free of charge for 3 years with all new Hyundai wheel loaders. Customers can remotely monitor performance, service and geo location data for their equipment at any time of the day. Hi-Mate saves time and money for the owner by promoting greater preventative.
  • Heated Air-Ride Seat: For enhanced operator productivity, the cab features a heated air-ride seat that is fully customizable to each operator's preference.
  • Audio System: The radio with MP3 functions, the integrated Bluetooth hands-free feature, and the built-in microphone allow for phone calls and for listening to music while in the field.
  • Steps & Handrails: Convenient hand rails coupled with access steps and ladders with anti-slip tread improve accessibility and reduce potential falls.
  • Speed & Safety Controls: For operator safety, HL900 wheel loaders have a travel speed limit setting. New A-Series models now include an Emergency Stop Button and Seat Belt Warning Alarm.
  • Cab Visibility: With emphasis on operator satisfaction in terms of noise, safety, and maintainability, Hyundai’s wheel loaders offer a comfortable cab space with low-vibration, reduced noise, and a superior safety design.
  • Service Access: All of the service points for the electric and hydraulic systems are located in easy-to-reach areas for optimum accessibility and maintenance. New serviceability features in the new A-Series include a Fully Openable Engine Hood. New serviceability features in the new A-Series include ECD (Engine Connected Diagnostics.) .
  • Initial Maintenance Interval: The initial replacement interval for engine oil and filter is extended to 250 hours to further reduce maintenance costs.
  • Comfortable Control
  • Heavy-Duty Components for Heavy-Duty Work
  • Designed for Improved Efficiency.
  • Built for Maximum Productivity
  • Easy Loader Maintenance
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