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Carlson EZR2-10 Rear Mount Screed
Carlson EZ III Screed
Carlson EZV Front Mount Screed
Carlson EZ IV Front Mount Screed
EZR2-10 Rear Mount ScreedEZ III ScreedEZV Front Mount ScreedEZ IV Front Mount Screed

From the industry leader in asphalt paving screeds and innovations for nearly 30 years, Carlson has improved the rear mount screed platform to meet the challenges and demands of today’s operators with the EZR2 highway class creed. With its class leading extension support system that eliminates flexing at wide widths to its low profile for optimal visibility, the EZR2 is designed, engineered, and manufactured to outperform, out pave, and outlast screeds in its class. Like its award recognized front mount screeds, Carlson has brought another winning platform to owners and operators while setting a new standard for rear mount screeds.

Low Profile For The Highest Performance

Designed and built with an exceptional low profile, the EZR2 provides operators clear lines of sight to the augers. This design feature allows operators to keep close monitoring of auger function and ensure better performance of the screed.

High Strength Extension Support

Through use of a high strength tubular frame, the EZR2 eliminates flexing and prevents deflection of the extensions. Instead of supporting the extensions, the beefy 4” chrome rods are bolted to the frame to provide optimal fluid inboard and outboard motion. Rigidity is added further with its best-in-class adjustable bushings, giving operators the ability of adjusting tension for longer bushing life cycle and greater integrity of the slide track. Able to extend up to 26 feet and consistently maintain its rigidity in its extensions, the EZR2 sets the pace for wide width paving with a rear mount platform.

Class Leading Adjustability

From its heavy duty, machined crown assembly to its 50 individual cone adjuster and 4 vibration motors, the EZR2 sets a new standard for the ability of operators to adjust a rear mount platform.

Elevating Crew Comfort

With its unmatched attention to the needs and wants of operators, the EZR2 continues Carlson’s long tradition of integrating leading crew comfort features into its platforms. Built with conveniently located cup holders, tool trays, oven for food preparation and telescoping walkways all standard, the EZR2 provides operators a superior platform for organization, comfort and safety while on the job site.

With screed widths available from 8’ to 13’ 6” and 10’ to 17’ the front mounted EZ III screed is the choice for highway class paving as well as large commercial applications. The electrically heated screeds are the most technically advanced screeds on the market. With multiple heating elements in direct contact with the screed plate to deliver an even and controllable heat.

The Patented front taper design of the main screed helps to disperse the head of material better than a straight screed. The extension support system on the EZ III uses brass wear plates to maintain tight control and prevent vertical movement. The Main screed plate is fully adjustable with screed deck cones to extend the life of the screed plate. Many options are available from Integral Berm to Wide Width paving kits and everything in between. The EZ III is a lighter option for commercial applications and lighter duty tractors.

For well over 25 years, Carlson has been on the forefront of paving innovation and the leader in highway class screeds. This culmination of years of experience is found in the newest member of the EZ screed family, the EZV front-mounted screed. With a standard paving width of 10’-19.5’, the EZV features most robust extension support system in the industry, giving it unrivaled rigidity at all widths. The screed also enables contractors to operate the screed as a fixed width platform, able to build out to 30 feet. Coupled with state-of-the-art electric heating elements that evenly distribute heat to the screed plate, the EZV represents the pinnacle of paving innovation in giving operators industry leading ease of operation and serviceability while producing exceptional results.

Innovation Comes Standard

The EZV utilizes 50 individual cone adjusters to maximize plate stability and affords the customer indefinite adjustability of the main and extension plates to maximize lifecycle, costs and mat quality. Carlson has also incorporated into the EZV its new spring loaded element holddowns, allowing for adjustment of the screed plate without worrying about crushing the heating elements.

Superior Extension Support

With its single slide track and Carlson unique extension support system that relies on a heavy duty tubular frame, as opposed to the chrome rods, to support the weight, the EZV has the most rigid and robust extension support system in the industry. Combined with the largest adjustable slide track bushing in the industry and fewer wear parts, the EZV prevents flexing of the extensions while decreasing operating costs. While being the most innovative and technologically advanced screed from Carlson, the EZV is user friendly and is based on the same platform that operators have come to know and love for years.

Versatility Like None Other

Setting a new standard in versatility, the EZV is able to function as a fixed width screed through use of a high strength bolt pattern and Carlson’s industry leading heated bolt-ons. With easy adjustment points and advanced electric heating elements, the EZV achieves exceptional mat quality while remaining operator friendly in fixed width applications. Able to build out to 30 feet, contractors are given greater flexibility in having two screed platforms in one with the EZV.

Elevating Crew Comfort

The EZV is built with the operator in mind from dual, easy-to-read, control stations to the wide walkway with optional vibration reduction pad to enable operators to work safely, comfortably and efficiently around the screed. Carlson’s EZV is built with more standard crew comforts than any screed in its class including cup holders, an adjustable level holder, depth rod holder and cleaner, removable aluminum tool box tray, tools holders, the popular Carlson oven and integrated LED lights.

Screed widths available from 8' to 15' and 10' to 19'.

Award Winning Platform

For nearly 30 years, Carlson Paving Products has been on the forefront of paving innovations and the leader in highway class screed technology enabling it to develop the most award winning screed in the industry: the EZIV Front Mount Screed. A platform that has helped win numerous Sheldon G. Hayes Awards and other accolades for paving excellence, no other screed in the industry is more recognizable, or more recognized, than Carlson’s EZIV. Combining legendary performance, unmatched innovation, and unwavering support from the industry’s most qualified personnel, contractors have a winning platform for success and the standard-bearer for wide width ability in the EZIV.

Uncompromising Strength

Since its introduction, the EZIV has set itself apart from other front mount screeds with its unmatched performance due to its industry leading innovations. The EZIV is built with Carlson’s patented 2% taper that improves outboard material flow, as well as heavy duty 450 Brinell rated steel screed plates with 50 individual adjustable cones for longer plate life cycle and leveling. The EZIV’s extensions utilize Carlson’s unique extension support system and single slide track for increased rigidity and elimination of flexing. The extension support system also has far fewer wear parts than similar screeds, a feature that improves overall performance while decreasing machine operating costs.

Class Leading Adjustments

Along with its deck cone adjusters, the EZIV enables operators to easily adjust the platform to ensure the perfect mat every time. Tightly fitted strike offs on the main screed and extensions are easily adjustable, allowing little to no damage to occur when obstructions, such as catch basins and water shutoffs, are hit due to poor elevation. To maintain tight rigidity of the extensions and prolong bushing lifecycles, operators are able to adjust the tensioning of the single slide track bushings. These adjustments and many more continue to set the standard for platform adjustability for front mount screeds.

Standard Paving Width
10’ (3.05m) - 10’ (3.05m) -
Screed Height (With Stairs)
8.28’ (2.52m) - - -
Maximum Paving Width (With Bolt-Ons)
30’ (9.1m) - 25’ (7.6m) -
Extended Paving Width
19.5‘ (5.9m) - 19.5‘ (5.9m) -
Maximum Fixed Width Paving Width
- - 30’ (9.1m) -
Main Screed Plate Depth
- - 26” (66.04cm) -
Screed Depth (With Endgates)
8.29’ (2.53m) - - -
Screed Width (With Endgates)
10.5‘ (3.28m) - 10.5‘ (3.28m) -
Screed Weight
8275 lbs (3742kg) - 7,500 lbs (3742kg) -
Main Screed Plate Thickness
- - .50 in (12.7mm) 450 Brinell -
  • The Most Standard Crew Comfort Features With Cup Holders, Tool Storage, Wide Telescoping Walkways, And More
  • Standard Paving Width Of 10’ to 19’6” Available For Most Tractors Built By The Major Paver Manufacturers
  • Fully Adjustable Main And Extension Screed Plates Through Use Of Carlson’s Deck Cone System
  • Low Profile Design For Optimal Visibility To Augers And Around The Screed
  • High Strength Extension Support For Wide Widths Without Flexing And Less Wear Parts
  • Versatile
  • Fully Adjustable slide track and screed plate
  • Ergonomically-friendly work environment
  • Innovative Berm builder adds value and versatility
  • High Strength Single Slide Extensions For Wide Widths Without Flexing And Less Wear Parts
  • Ability Of Hydraulic Extension Paving Up To 25’ And Up To 30’ As A Fixed Width Platform
  • 10’-19.5’ Platform Available For Most Tractors Built By The Major Paver Manufacturers
  • Equal Width Extensions Allow For Crowning And Inverting To Be Dead Of Center On Each Pass
  • The Most Crew Comfort Features Standard With Cup Holders, Built-In Oven, Shovel Holders, LED Lights And More
  • High Strength Single Slide Extensions For Wide Widths Without Flexing And Less Wear Parts
  • Fully Adjustable Main And Extension Screed Plates Through Use Of Carlson’s Deck Cone System
  • The Most Standard Crew Comfort Features With Cup Holders, Built-In Oven, Shovel Holders And More
  • Patented Front Taper Design Keeps Fluid Material Flow And Even Heads Of Material
  • Available In 8’-15’ And 10’-19’ Platforms For Most Tractors Built By The Major Paver Manufacturers
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